Amanda is a Degreed Nutritionist, who earned her BSc Nutritional Science from the University of Florida and her MS Medical Science from the University of South Florida.  Amanda's love of cooking started young, watching Food Network instead of sitcoms after school. 

Amanda realized the joy of having her friends over for dinner and the deep connections that could be formed over a home cooked, nutritious meal.  One of her favorite ways to decompress is to jump in the kitchen and experiment with new recipes, often trying to make healthful substitutions to boost nutrients in a dish and always aiming for the most tasty result!  Healthy food should taste good!

Previously, Amanda worked with with infants, young children and pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum mothers, providing vital nutrition education and one-on-one counseling to low-income families in Broward County, Florida.  She enjoyed helping families find creative and accessible ways to incorporate healthy eating into their lifestyle, even on a budget.  After moving to Nashville, she met many people within ministry and fell in love with the idea of evangelizing through nutrition.  At the encouragement of a wonderful priest and many friends, Amanda formed Temple and Table as a way to nourish our culture with wholesome food, real conversation and authentic community.



"Be Fed" Day Retreats

Designed for full-day retreats, this series of talks combines biblical teaching with cooking instruction for a fun and unique experience.  Presentation topics include the meal's role throughout salvation history, how we communicate spiritual truths through our physical bodies and using nutrition and mealtime as evangelization tools.  The day includes sharing fellowship with a healthful meal that everyone helps to prepare, with Amanda's guidance.  Retreats are offered from 9a-4p at parishes, schools, camps, youth groups or retreat centers.

The Meal + Our Salvation History

The connection of the meal throughout salvation history will be presented and how we might evangelize our culture during mealtime, around the table.  Amanda will share practical nutrition tips while presenting how the meal contributes to the New Evangelization in this hour-long event.  Participants receive a handout with recipe and timely nutrition advice, i.e. immunity boosting foods during flu season or how to shop seasonally.  Healthy snacks can be provided with or without a cooking demo, in conjunction with this presentation.



Table for 12

An event focused on preparing a healthy and nutritious meal together, engaging in fulfilling conversation and fostering a strong community.  Amanda will teach meal preparation and provide nutrition tips throughout the meal. Fostering a prayerful and uplifting atmosphere is the cornerstone of this event. Conversation starters will be available to encourage deep discussions.  Note: Guest count does not need to equal 12 exactly.

Bring love into your home, for this is where our love for each other must start.
— Mother Teresa
In a very real way, sensual pleasures—the pleasure we experience through our senses—provide, or are meant to provide, a ‘foretaste’ of heaven, a small glimmer of God’s extravagant goodness.
— Christopher West (At the Heart of the Gospel)